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Work july 19, 2013

Yawn-Activated Coffee Machine Perks Up Weary Travelers [Video]

Douwe Egberts offers airport-goers a free cup of joe using facial recognition technology.

Luxury may 21, 2013

Mercedes Self-Driving Car Senses When Its Driver Is Tired

A host of autonomous features makes the new S-Class leader of the pack for automotive engineering.

Sustainability december 21, 2012

Cornell Installs Real Lawn In The School Library [Pics]

University implements special area to help students with mental fatigue.

Technology november 23, 2012

Light-Weight Glasses Cure Jet Lag

Re-Timer spectacles emit light to reset the body's internal clock to advance or delay sleeping patterns.

Work february 2, 2012

High-Tech Baseball Cap Will Stop Truckers Falling Asleep At The Wheel

The SmartCap monitors brainwaves to detect fatigue and can reduce workplace accidents caused by drowsiness.

Arts & Culture august 1, 2011

Does Jogging Really Make You Look Younger?

A daily jog around the park sounds like a great way to look and feel young, but how do you really look after three or four laps?


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