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Advertising july 19, 2013

Yawn-Activated Coffee Machine Perks Up Weary Travelers [Video]

Douwe Egberts offers airport-goers a free cup of joe using facial recognition technology.

Innovation may 21, 2013

Mercedes Self-Driving Car Senses When Its Driver Is Tired

A host of autonomous features makes the new S-Class leader of the pack for automotive engineering.

Culture december 21, 2012

Cornell Installs Real Lawn In The School Library [Pics]

University implements special area to help students with mental fatigue.

Design november 23, 2012

Light-Weight Glasses Cure Jet Lag

Re-Timer spectacles emit light to reset the body's internal clock to advance or delay sleeping patterns.

Technology february 2, 2012

High-Tech Baseball Cap Will Stop Truckers Falling Asleep At The Wheel

The SmartCap monitors brainwaves to detect fatigue and can reduce workplace accidents caused by drowsiness.

Culture august 1, 2011

Does Jogging Really Make You Look Younger?

A daily jog around the park sounds like a great way to look and feel young, but how do you really look after three or four laps?


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