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3D Printed Tap Works as Faucet and Drinking Fountain

Faucet Handle Twist Lets You Operate with Dirty Hands

Indie Designers Transform Bathroom Faucets Into Wearable Jewelry [Video]

Bathroom Faucet Injects Air Into The Water To Cut Consumption In Half [Pics]

Dyson Patents Hybrid Sink And Hand Dryer For Public Washrooms

Pour A Glass Of Sparkling Water Straight From The Tap

  • 8 august 2012
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Faucet Streams Boiling Hot Water To Eliminate Need For Tea Kettle

IBM Reveals How Much Water Is Really Wasted By A Dripping Faucet? [Infographic]

The Renshui Touchpad Faucet

Faucet Retrofit Provides Simple Solution For Water Conservation

The Touch Activated Faucet

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