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[Insight] Federal facial recognition databases might mistake common citizens as criminals
[Insight] Unreliable facial recognition software might jail the innocent
[Insight] AI helps law enforcement identify untruths during interrogations
[Insight] Digital encryption is a battleground between tech, legislature and law enforcement
Work february 24, 2016

Should the Government Expect Our Trust in Apple Vs. FBI Debacle?

Apple’s battle with the FBI is not about privacy v security, but about legitimacy

Design & Architecture august 13, 2013

FBI Art Crime Unit Shows Exhibit Of Forged Works [Pics]

The Caveat Emptor exhibit at Fordham University’s Center Gallery features art forgeries and replicas.

Technology march 15, 2013

Big Data: For The Greater Good Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

There are benign uses of data-mining, but for most of us the bigger issue is protection from corporate and state snooping.

Gaming & Play january 16, 2013

A Look Back At One Of The Writer’s Of A New York Cult Classic

American novelist best known for The Warriors, a tale of gangs and street violence in New York, dies at 87.

Technology september 6, 2012

7 Stories You Need To Know Today

Continued disputes over leaked Apple IDs, another musician releases an album in Outer Space, rent a Chromebook for $30 a month and an Instagram treasure hunt... Links you need to start your day with.

Design & Architecture december 14, 2011

Is China Skilled In Stealing America’s Secrets? [Headlines]

The US rival is not only a manufacturing hub, but also talented at various forms of espionage.

Innovation april 6, 2011

Crowdsourcing Evidence To Help Catch A Killer

The FBI has released two pages of code found in a dead man's pockets in an attempt to solve a decade-old homicide case.

Technology march 18, 2010

US Pushing To Deploy More Ethical Hackers For Cybersecurity

The United States is pushing its recruitment drive to employ more cyber-experts for digital security.


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