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Work october 28, 2016

Keyboard Designed To Help Women Use More Assertive Language

The device is a commentary on gender roles in the workplace, and features easy access to "power verbs" that help reinforce a habit of being direct in writing

Fitness & Sport august 5, 2016

Dove Criticizes The Way Media Talks About Female Athletes

Billboard campaign calls out the media's obsession with commenting on women's appearance

[Stat] 81% of women make purchases influenced by social media
Technology june 16, 2016

Interviewing Platform Masks Your Voice To Eliminate Unconscious Bias

A startup is working to give all candidates an equal opportunity in their approach to job interviews

IoT october 27, 2014

Underwear Line Celebrates Heroic Ladies

The collaboration features some of history's super-accomplished women

[Inspiration] How high profile softball players are paving the way for female athlete careers
The Most Feminine TV Show Of The Most Feminine TV Channel Has A Section Just For Apps
Work july 18, 2014

Remote-Controlled Concept Contraceptive Will Last You 16 Years

This implantable device could allow women to bypass clinics for almost half of their reproductive lives.

Gaming & Play november 11, 2013

Sweden Uses New Rating System To Screen For Sexist Films

The Bechdel Test assesses gender bias by measuring the presence of strong female roles.

Design & Architecture july 15, 2013

Abstract Maps Look Like Nude Female Forms [Pics]

Artist aims to portray a woman's body in a completely different light.

Advertising august 2, 2012

63% Of Retweets Are Of Male Users [Headlines]

Even though women dominate in total users on Twitter, it's men who get retweeted more.

Technology july 6, 2012

How Do Different Genders Use Social Media? [Headlines]

An infographic detailing statistics for how many men or women use popular websites such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Advertising february 21, 2012

Facial Recognition Billboard Only Lets Women See The Full Ad

Intelligent advertisement in London can determine your gender and alter the content accordingly.

Retail august 29, 2011

Beauty Sells: Makeup Subscription Startup Earns $10.5M In Initial Investments

Birchbox, the makeup subscription startup, announced $10.5M in earnings at the close of its first round of funding.


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