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Work february 15, 2016

How Isis Hijacked Pop Culture, From Hollywood to Videogames

How the militant group uses gaming and film tactics in their quest to appeal and appall

IoT february 6, 2015

Oculus Sets Up Studio to Make Virtual Reality Films

New division is staffed by Pixar veterans, with its first VR movie Lost debuting at the Sundance Film Festival

Syndicated october 14, 2013

Why Eating Popcorn In The Cinema Makes People Immune To Advertising

Study by Cologne University concludes that chewing makes ads ineffective.

Work september 17, 2013

A Look Back At The Life Of The Man Who Brought Movies To Life

Ray Dolby, whosenoise-reduction system enhanced cinema and music-lovers' listening experience, has died at age 80.

Retail may 9, 2013

LA Opens Outdoor Marketplace For Creative Startups

The Los Feliz neighborhood is set to become a new destination for the local community, featuring shipping containers and outdoor cultural events.

Luxury april 16, 2013

Why Robert De Niro Founded The Tribeca Film Festival

Formed just after 9/11 the event was meant to help New York get back on its feet, but has become much more.

Technology march 7, 2013

Disney Shuns Hand-Drawn Animation

Leading studio says its graphics companies have long since moved on from 2D and it will not be reversing this trend.

Technology december 20, 2012

Is The Entertainment Industry Actually Causing Piracy?

Cory Doctorow discusses how If companies refuse to release films or TV shows in US and UK at same time, they only have themselves to blame for piracy.

Mobile july 19, 2012

DreamWorks Backs Their Version Of Instagram With Video

The new social app Ptch lets users create sharable slideshows (or mini movies) from media on their phone or existing social networks.

Arts & Culture june 11, 2012

Could Quentin Tarantino And Johnny Depp Reinvent The Western?

Two of Hollywood's leading radicals are daring to reinvent one of the oldest genres in the movie industry's style book

Work may 7, 2012

How Are Movie Theaters Reinventing Themselves To Remain Relevant?

As the film industry continues to struggle with ways to fend off piracy, theaters rely increasingly on fans desperate to see it first.

Arts & Culture may 7, 2012

The Avengers “Redefines The Standard” For Blockbuster Debut [Headlines]

Hollywood adaptation of superhero comic overtakes Harry Potter finale with $200m takings on first weekend.

Technology march 29, 2012

W+K NYC Launches App To Streamline The Film Industry [Headlines]

The WAVR app simplifies the process of collecting waiver and release forms.

Sustainability april 12, 2011

How Digital Technology Changed The Senna Filmmaking Experience

Asif Kapadia, director of the award-winning documentary SENNA, discusses the impact that the adoption of new digital tools and technologies had on how the film was created, promoted and distributed.


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