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Op-Ed june 27, 2016

Cannes Report: What Cannes Is (Or Isn’t) All About

Jason Schlossberg, co-founder and chief creative officer of Kwittken, summarizes the ups and downs of his first year experience

Work june 22, 2016

RiseUP To Prosperity And Contribution: The New Narrative For Global Success

Social entrepreneur Kate Maloney expounds upon the cultural shifts giving rise to individuals and businesses that do good

Technology june 22, 2016

Turn Your Boring Run Into An Action Movie

A fitness app aims to turn mundane exercise routines into an entertaining activity

AI june 15, 2016

What Does It Look Like When AI Writes An Entire Screenplay?

An algorthim has created this sci-fi love story for the big screen

Technology june 14, 2016

Let Facebook Tell You What Movie To Watch Next

Text or chat this bot to get the best movie recommendations based on your interests

Augmented & Virtual Reality may 25, 2016

What Would A World Entirely Powered By Augmented Reality Look Like?

With AR headsets sales on rise, a filmmaker explores how they will influence our reality

[Insight] How filmmakers are inventing the design rules of VR
Advertising april 22, 2016

Sony’s Emoji Movie Takes Place Entirely Within A Smartphone

Emojis have gone from a simple image to the narrative of the 21st century in just a few years

Arts & Culture april 22, 2016

How Amazon Studios Could Change The Independent Film Landscape

With five movies in Cannes, the e-commerce giant enters the indie world

Arts & Culture april 1, 2016

These Anonymous Artists Turned An Abandoned KFC Into A DIY Film Studio

A NYC artist collective converted defunct drive-through kiosk into greenscreen

Work march 18, 2016

Should Film Fans Get to Pick Theater Movies?

Crowdsourced screenings could help cinemas monetize by filling empty seats

How the nascent VR industry parallels film advances in the 1890s (NPR)
Home march 16, 2016

This Streaming Service Wants to Charge $50 for Movie Night

For a (hefty) price, you can skip the cinema and see the newest movie at home

Mobile february 19, 2016

Magnolia Pictures Movie Poster Cranks Up Reality

A movie about immersive technology demanded a poster-in-motion


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