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Financial Services may 19, 2016

Personalized Investment Service Aims To Close The Financial Gap For Women

Created by former Wall Street CEO, Ellevest wants to offer women tailored investment plans

Retail april 11, 2016

Mobile Bank Uses Biometrics To Verify Customer Identities

UK bank lets you use your face and voice for a more secure and portable method of authentication

[Insight] The unlikely technology most likely to improve IoT is the blockchain
Retail april 1, 2016

Banks Will Recognize Your Voice When You Call Them About Your Account

Financial institution launches voice-controlled banking technology

Work february 19, 2016

Millennials Are Prioritizing Short-Term Spending Over Long-Term Saving

Student debt, health insurance and attending friends’ weddings are preventing young people from saving

By connecting finance to tech, contactless payments risk increasing income inequality (Guardian)
Mobile february 17, 2016

Key Takeaways In Designing Experiences for the Nomad Class

Our recent report identifies four insights into untethered lifestyles

Technology february 4, 2016

Citibank Testing an ATM That Scans Your Eyeballs to Prevent Theft

PIN pads, card readers and screens have no place in the cash withdrawal of the future

Advertising january 29, 2016

A Personal Assistant for Filing Taxes on the Move

An app creates a digital archive for filing taxes using cloud storage

Mobile january 20, 2016

No More Self-Checkout Lines, Scan As You Shop Instead

Mobile and self-checkout converge into a speedy, automated experience

IoT november 24, 2015

Be Smarter at Handling Money With An Artificially Intelligent Financial Advisor

Pefin is a platform that brings AI to personal financial services and offers actionable strategies for the best financial outcomes

Mobile october 30, 2015

Why People Are the Future of Passwords

The selfie as Security 3.0

Work august 13, 2015

A Latte for $3.60, A Secure Future for Pennies

Acorns app will round up the spare change from your purchases and invest it automatically—no minimum balance required

Sustainability june 4, 2015

What Connected Living Means for Business

PSFK outlines what the Future of Connected Life means for industries across the apparel and travel sectors and beyond


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