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[Stat] 15% of banks to implement blockchain solutions in 2017
Syndicated september 8, 2016

Amazon Is Making Moves Into The Restaurant Delivery Business

Prime customers in certain London postcodes can get food from more than 100 restaurants

IoT february 8, 2016

The Alphabet Moonshot Ventures That Could Change the World

Google makes the money, but Alphabet’s looking to cure aging and build robot butlers

How gaming has evolved from a hobby into a means for financial and intellectual achievement (Protein)
Work january 15, 2014

U.S. Youth No Longer Driven By Car Culture

Statistics show Americans under 35 are less likely to own cars, a troubling fact for the motor vehicle industry.

Technology september 11, 2013

What Apple's Cheaper iPhone Will Deliver

The low-end 5C model was shown to a select group in China, here's what's in store.

Retail august 9, 2013

UK Supermarket Opens First Farm Shop

Waitrose supermarket chain opens farm store to showcase produce grown on its 4000-acre estate farm in South England.

Partner Content august 8, 2013

Google Unveils Voice And Gesture-Controlled Smartphone

Google's Moto X aims to create a new experience as it responds to both verbal and motion commands and is designed to be in permanent listening mode.

Luxury july 11, 2013

How Burberry Is Doing Digital Marketing Differently

Burberry is harnessing ground-breaking marketing techniques to put it at the forefront of fashion, despite its traditional roots.

april 18, 2013

Who Is Using Virtual Wallets? [Infographic]

Financial industry startup Wallaby has released data about their users.

Syndicated march 15, 2013

Why Google Ad Words Are A Waste Of Money

EBay study says billions spent by advertisers on keywords to maximise Google ranking has little effect on sales.

Work february 27, 2013

Yahoo Boss Bans Working From Home

Marissa Mayer wants to foster a collaborative environment by requiring staff to come into the office to do their jobs.

Design & Architecture february 27, 2013

Fast Phone Promises Films In Minutes And Songs In Seconds

Chinese hardware company shows off a handset that it states can download movies and songs in record time.

Retail february 26, 2013

How One Bar Brand Seeks International Success

Brew Dog, the creator of Punk IPA and Sink The Bismarck is opening outposts in Stockholm and SĂŁo Paulo.


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