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Technology april 18, 2016

Tourists In Japan Will Soon Only Need Their Fingers To Shop Around

Didn't bring your cash? No problem. All you need is your fingerprint when you shop in Japan

Mobile february 10, 2016

Locks for the Modern Age Read Your Fingerprints

All you need is your unique fingerprint to unlock this padlock

Cities october 8, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google and Facebook take a cue from Ask Jeeves, and more secure $100 bills will hit the streets tomorrow as planned.

Work november 15, 2012

Springwise: Update Facebook With Your Fingerprints

The Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel will soon feature technology that recognizes guests’ fingerprints and automatically updates their Facebook profiles.

Technology october 4, 2012

Unlock Smartphones With A Quick Palm Scan [Video]

A Japanese company creates a biometric app that utilizes the existing camera on the mobile.

Design & Architecture december 15, 2011

Canvas Totes Carry The Name & Fingerprint Of The Ugandan Seamstresses Who Made Them

Mend, the social enterprise behind the products, also features online profiles of the women.

Design & Architecture february 14, 2011

Tracing Touchscreen Interactions [Pics]

Designer George Kokkinidis examines fingerprints on the iPad as a way to understand our changing relationship with technology.

Technology february 1, 2011

Gold & Zinc Recover Fingerprints From Fabric

A remarkable new technique allows for detecting subtle clues on soft surfaces - something that has previously been hard to do.

Arts & Culture september 28, 2010

The Vulnerabilities Of Biometric Systems

Fingerprint or face recognition technology may not be very effective in securing information, says a new report.

Innovation may 19, 2010

Forensic Science Moves Beyond Chemistry Of The Print

A new process developed by the Penn State Forensic Science department could help detect formerly invisible evidence.


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