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Work october 7, 2014

Use Your Lighter in Wet Conditions with Aid of Waterproof Rubber Sleeve

Outdoor brand Exotac has created the fireSLEEVE, which performs flawlessly even in harsh climate

Technology june 19, 2014

Amazon Phone Identifies Any Product And Finds Links To Purchase

The online retailer's Fire phone and Firefly service is like a shoppable Shazam for everything.

Travel october 2, 2013

Campfire Phone Charger Generates Energy Via Red-Hot Flames [Video]

Harness the power of heat to power devices while out in the wilderness.

Arts & Culture may 16, 2013

Flaming Junk Food Highlights Americans’ Unhealthy Obsession [Pics]

Photographer Henry Hargreaves’ latest series features a burger, pizza, donut and other tasty snacks set on fire.

Introducing Astrofire, The Newest Modern Outdoor Fireplace
Gaming & Play april 1, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

An app that lets you schedule pics to be sent in the future to another that rates how likely you are to be fired, based on job-related tweets.

Design & Architecture february 2, 2012

Bird-Shaped Smoke Detector Chirps Louder As Smoke Thickens

A playful twist on the design of an everyday household device makes you think that all functional items can also be attractive.

Arts & Culture january 4, 2012

Bespoke Fireplaces: Where Functionality Meets Art [Gallery]

Sculptor Cathy Azria uses creative forms to create functional products while exploring the link between fire and metal.

Technology november 25, 2011

William Shatner Warns Against Turkey Fryer Fire [Video]

State Farm invites actor to inform viewers on the dangers of deep fryers.

Innovation december 6, 2010

Monocolumn: Israel’s Catastrophic Fire

An unprecedented ferocious wildfire – causing death, destruction and heavy losses – was raging since Thursday morning through Mount Carmel in northern Israel, threatening to reach the southern outskirts of the country’s third largest city, Haifa.

Design & Architecture august 26, 2010

Monocolumn: Smoke With Fire In The Bush

It doesn’t take much to keep a bushfire going in Victoria, Australia’s south-eastern state.

Cities november 10, 2009

John Briscella’s Philly Fire Barrell

Designer John Briscilla pays homage to the fires in metal barrels he remembers on the streets of Philadelphia.

Cities november 10, 2009

John Briscella's Philly Fire Barrell

Designer John Briscilla pays homage to the fires in metal barrels he remembers on the streets of Philadelphia.

Technology november 3, 2009

“Guangzhou Supports You!” Crowdsourced Photography in China

“Guangzhou Supports You!" is a new crowdsourced, hyper-local online photography activity in Guangzhou, China.


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