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Technology november 11, 2013

Internet Explorer Hires Anime Mascot To Fight Viruses [Video]

Inori Aizawa gives the world's most popular browser an image makeover to attract new users.

Design & Architecture august 27, 2013

Familiar Social And Web Tools Turned Into Manga Characters [Pics]

Digital artists uses Photoshop to create these animated versions of popular software.

Syndicated february 25, 2013

Mozilla To Launch Smartphone Operating System

Company responsible for Firefox to release handset targeted at developing countries and open platforms.

Work january 13, 2013

Employee Badges Indicate Softer Skills [Future Of Work]

The Mozilla Open Badges project allows workers to visually depict their skills and share through social media.

Technology october 24, 2012

Firefox Now Lets Users Chat On Facebook While Browsing Other Sites

Mozilla debuts Social API on its browser that integrates social networks with regular websites.

Innovation july 12, 2012

Original Logos Of Famous Companies [Headlines]

From Apple to Xerox to GE, the first and current designs associated with the brands.

Technology july 4, 2012

Chrome Set To Eclipse Firefox As World's Second Most Popular Browser [Headlines]

Google is has the most popular web browser. Leading research puts it at number three, but not for long.

Technology may 21, 2012

Google Chrome Becomes #1 Web Browser [Headlines]

For the first time, Chrome edges out Internet Explorer for a full week, demanding nearly 1/3 of market share.

Home march 23, 2012

Find Out Who's Tracking You Online In Real-Time

This tool reveals and visualizes who's following and monitoring your web behavior instantly.

Innovation november 18, 2011

Chrome Now Matches Firefox For Market Share [Headlines]

For the first time, Google's Internet browser equals Mozilla's in terms of users, each accounting for about 25% of browsing.

Technology november 10, 2011

Read Kindle E-Books On Firefox

Amazon has launched it's popular e-book reader app on Mozilla's internet browser.

august 4, 2011

Google Chrome Is The UK's Second Most Popular Browser [Headlines]

Google Chrome's 22% hold on internet browsers shows that its popularity is creeping up to Internet Explorer's #1 spot in the UK.

IoT june 13, 2011

Leave Your Mark in Support of An Open Web

The Barbarian Group has developed a interactive, 3D online project for Mozilla's Firefox that lets visitors leave their individual mark in support of an open web.

Work september 14, 2009

Hacking 80's Gadgets with the Nokia N900: PUSH N900 London Launch

Yesterday, we were invited to the launch of PUSH N900 at the One Dot Zero event in London, a design, hacking and modding competition organized by Nokia.


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