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Technology november 2, 2016

Analog Watch Comes With Advanced Activity Tracking

Misfit boasts a range of intelligent features packaged into a classic design

Technology october 21, 2016

PSFK Picks: Top 5 Performance-Enhancing Wearables

Our new report looks at innovations pioneering the future of performance through intelligent activewear and predictive analytics

Retail september 29, 2016

Free Sneakers Given Out To Motivated Marathon Runners

Strava will give the shoes to athletes who run the second half of their race faster than the first

Social Media september 13, 2016

Social Media Connects Fitness Brands To Athletes

Apps pushing for community-oriented training can be both inspiring for the athlete and beneficial for the manufacturer

IoT august 20, 2015

Why Stop at Steps Counted? Track Your Stroke Count While You're At It

Speedo and Misfit release a water-based wearable called Shine that tracks fitness, sleep, and your backstroke


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