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Technology october 31, 2016

The One Goal Of This Watch Is To Help Save Your Life

iBeat features around-the-clock heart rate monitoring and will alert emergency response personnel if it detects irregular patterns

Technology may 9, 2016

Head To The App Store To Stay On Top Of Your Heart Health

Qardio wants to help mobile users easily track their blood pressure

Technology may 6, 2016

Wrist Sensors Help Kickboxers Perfect Their Technique

Fitness trackers are seeing more applications, now even for MMA training

Advertising may 3, 2016

Puma Robot Helps Runners Go Faster

Raceable tech follows the lines on a track and provides a visual target to beat

Work january 13, 2016

When It Comes to Wearables, It’s Time to Design for Wearers' Needs

Without experience standards, we will not see adoption of wearables at scale

Editors Pick march 19, 2015

Happier Humans Thanks to Data and Peer Groups [PSFK 2015]

PSFK Conference speaker Danika Laszuk talks about humanizing data and using social support for self-improvement

march 18, 2014

Leaked Specs Suggest That Google's Smartwatch Will Soon Be A Reality

Wearable tech from the Internet giant could be on your wrist by June.

Work march 18, 2014

Apple's Healthbook Will Be The Mother Of All Health Tracking Apps

Tech giant recruits industry experts to ensure their app comes out on top.

Gaming & Play january 8, 2014

Tennis Racquet Tracks Data To Improve Player’s Swing [CES 2014]

The Babolat Play can measure a player's power, swing, technique, and more.

Innovation september 24, 2013

Running App Personalizes Workouts Based On Your Current Stamina

Adaptive training app that features algorithm equations to personalize your workout.

Mobile june 4, 2013

Game Tasks Travelers To Match Calories Burned With Miles Flown

Burn The Miles wants fliers to engage in physical activity after flying and rewards them for doing so.

Technology september 4, 2012

Make A Pact To Exercise & Earn Cash For Meeting Your Goal

RunKeeper has partnered with GymPact, which rewards users for meeting exercise goals and fines them when they don't.

Luxury february 24, 2012

Piers Fawkes: Nike Thinks I'm The Athlete I'm Not

The tracking accuracy on new Nike Fuel band is suspect and the brand's view of health is naive.


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