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[News] New micro thick flexible e-paper from Sweden able to display full color range
Technology july 15, 2013

3D-Printed Liquid Metal May Lead To Stretchy Electronics

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a process that creates free-standing flexible structures.

Innovation june 25, 2013

Public Sculptures Encourage Outdoor Workouts

Flexible is an interactive fitness area, whose art pieces become platforms for physical activity.

Technology june 6, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A wristband that reads your mood and a 3D printed ear that could give you super-human hearing.The most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Mobile march 8, 2013

Wifi Alarm System Offers DIY Home Security

Scout is a new type of system that doesn’t require a monthly contract and can easily be moved if you change residences.

Work february 25, 2013

Flexible Plastic Captures Images Without A Camera

Austrian researchers have developed a polymer sheet that uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light.

Design & Architecture february 4, 2013

Fujifilm Unveils A Flexible Speaker That Rolls Up

'Beat' uses a viscoelastic polymer that is soft and bendable until it is subjected to an audio range of 20Hz to 20kHz.

Syndicated november 8, 2012

Intel IQ: What Will The Gadgets Of The Future Look Like?

Take a closer look at what innovations will be shaping our technology to come.

Work august 25, 2012

How Are Modular Designs Creating A More Flexible Workplace? [Future Of Work]

PSFK is asking readers to take a picture of their favorite workplace escape or share their best technique for maintaining a laser sharp focus.

Advertising june 7, 2012

5 Tips To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Virtual Collaboration [Headlines]

Forbes discusses strategies for building trust and bonds across geographically distributed employees will encourage a flexible and productive workplace.

Retail march 28, 2012

Japanese Sneakers Ditch Stitching For Baked On Soles [Pics]

Brand 'Shoes Like Pottery' attaches a flexible and durable rubber sole in a kiln, revolutionizing production.

Sustainability march 9, 2012

Power Your Devices With Proteins Found In The Human Body

Protein-based transistors are created from organic materials inside us and could be used to create electric circuits.

Mobile november 14, 2011

Nokia’s Research Center Unveils Futuristic & Flexible Concept Phone [Video]

Called the 'HumanForm', the teardrop-shaped device replaces buttons with taps, gestures and bends.

Retail august 18, 2011

Interactive Glass Panels Will Change The Way We Live [video]

Foldable 3D TVs will allow users to intuitively play and move around objects on the screen.


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