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Technology february 22, 2013

Apple Releases Patent For Flexible iWatch

The wearable accessory device looks like a digital version of the classic slap bracelet.

Mobile april 3, 2012

LG Is Launching A Light & Flexible eReader Display

The plastic screen is thin, durable, and can bend up to 40 degrees.

Home march 7, 2012

Flexible Dwelling That Adapts With Your Changing Lifestyle

A simple, cheap and ecological housing concept made for dense cities that grows and shrinks as your needs evolve.

Home october 23, 2009

(Pics) Sofa Transforms into Luggage Set

Observing the common behavior of sitting on luggage while in transit, Erik De Nijs created a set of suitcases that can be combined into a two person sofa.

Work march 19, 2009
Work march 2, 2009

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