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Travel august 16, 2016

Pay For Your Airfare In Installments

Airforable lets customers pay for airline tickets on a layaway plan to make travel more accessible

Luxury may 24, 2016

Virgin Australia Business Class Cabin Promises Privacy And Luxury

This airline's business class overhaul offers futuristic comfort

Advertising may 23, 2016

Your Five-Year-Old Tweets Might Win You A Free Flight

Virgin Atlantic's 'One Day' campaign lets people live our their dreams

Travel april 8, 2016

Supersonic Flights At Business Class Fares

A supersonic plane that'd let you fly from NY to London in under four hours

Work march 18, 2016

Automate Your Flight Selection with an Artificially Intelligent Chatbot

This AI bot offers moments of rest as it books travel for you

Syndicated october 23, 2015

Want to Watch a Film on a Plane? Bring Your Tablet, Say Airlines

A transatlantic service is launching without seatback screens, with content to be streamed directly to passengers’ devices

Innovation october 30, 2014

Future Planes to Feature Interactive, Windowless Cabin Walls

Engineers propose air travel amid high-tech, wall-to-wall screens

Technology march 7, 2014

LED Displays Provide Physical Extension For Frequent Flying App [Video]

Flying consists of wall-mountable panels that connect to the user’s account to display real-time flight information.

Technology march 8, 2013

Travel Site Gets Best Deal If It Can Choose The Destination

'GetGoing' finds flights with large discounts if you allow the site to pick where you go on vacation.

Luxury may 1, 2012

Tweet To Instantly Buy Airline Tickets Through Twitter

TweetAFlight turns the social network into an instant sales channel for airlines and travel companies.

Technology july 1, 2011

Surf In The Clouds: Test The New Chromebook On Virgin America Flights

Google's new laptop will now make your in-flight experience that much more convenient.

Technology july 22, 2010

Detailed Google Maps On Virgin America Flights

A new addition to the seatback touchscreen offers rich views of the plane's current location.

Design & Architecture december 11, 2009

(Pics) Taiwan’s Hello Kitty Airlines

Taiwan's EVA Airways has gone the extra mile by designing two Hello Kitty brand Airbus A330-200 aircrafts for domestic flights.


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