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Technology january 30, 2014

Facebook Releases App To Organize News Feeds

The social media giant's new Paper reader will take stories from user's feeds and display them in an image-heavy, ad-free way.

Mobile december 11, 2013

11 Things You Need to Know Today

Jewelry ads are flourishing on NFL football, Leonardo DiCaprio has an electric car racing team, and more.

Work november 12, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon to begin Sunday deliveries, Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons redesign USA Today's logo, and other top stories.

Arts & Culture september 22, 2013

How One Beauty Brand’s Digital Campaign Created A Better Anti-Aging Product

Estée Lauder polled women around the world about their pre-sleep rituals to create a better serum to meet their needs.

Syndicated september 16, 2013

Springwise: News Articles Transcribed As Quick Video Summaries

Wibbitz automatically takes the pertinent facts out of daily stories and presents them in a more mobile-friendly format.

Mobile june 25, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twinkies return to shelves, Snapchat launches SnapKidz and Chipotle to tag GMO ingredients in their menu.

may 3, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Flipboard on the rise, the fight for wearable tech and YouTube's reach for ad dollars...links to start your day with.

Work april 9, 2013

How To Live Life After Google Reader

Why RSS is a people's platform and how this was the cause of the tech giant's termination of its popular service.

Alan Cohen: The Ad Man Who Molds Tech Startups
Technology june 19, 2012

Google Integrates Plus With Fliptime [Headlines]

Integration allows users to access posts, photos, video and other data without visiting the social network directly.

december 16, 2011

Social Reader App Gets A Million Downloads In First Week [Headlines]

Flipboard had five million users and has only been around for seven days.

Innovation december 12, 2011

Google Launches A Mobile App That Curates Content [Headlines]

Currents is the new app from the search giant that rivals the popular app Flipboard.

IoT december 6, 2011

The Influence Of The Empowered Consumer [Videos]

The retail world has shifted as a result of new informed consumer expectations. How can businesses and brands stay relevant and necessary in a world where buyers don't have to believe what they're told?

Retail december 1, 2011

Gilt Taste Debuts On Flipboard iPad

A new food marketplace from the popular online clothing and accessories deals site allows users to browse recipes and buy items from their tablets.


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