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Floating may replace yoga as an effective meditation technique (Smashd)
Design & Architecture august 29, 2013

Helium-Filled Wedding Pavilion Floats Above Guests [Pics]

Floatastic is an inflatable canopy with a floating roof and fabric veils that doesn’t make any marks or impose on the site’s ground.

Work june 25, 2013

Floating Playground Suspends Visitors In The Air [Pics]

An exhibition that encourages people to play around 60 feet in the air.

Design & Architecture november 26, 2012

Students Learn On A Floating School During Monsoon Season [Pics]

Eco-friendly boat allows kids to continuously learn even during heavy floods.

Cities november 14, 2012

Photo Series Depicts Real Cities Floating In The Sky [Pics]

Reinhard Krug's surreal photoscape pictures some of the worlds largest cities as floating islands.

Sustainability april 14, 2010

A Conceptual Habitable Floating Island Made From Plastic Waste

Recycled Island is a research project to create a habitable, floating island from plastic waste in the Pacific ocean.

Arts & Culture march 24, 2010

(Pics) The Floating Island Of Seoul

Seoul has laid the foundation of the world's first man-made floating island.

Innovation september 9, 2009

The World’s First Floating Wind Turbine

Norwegian researchers have developed a floating turbine that can operate in waters deeper than 360 feet, enabling it to function virtually anywhere. The initial design was launched off the coast of Stavanger, an oil town located in southwestern Norway back in June.


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