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Arts & Culture july 18, 2016

Identify Any Type Of Flower With Your Phone

The visual discovery app Blippar helps you discover a plant's name, genus, native region and more

Sustainability february 12, 2016

These Color-Changing Flowers Make Rose Bouquets Look Boring

A pop-up shop by Bompas & Parr offers chameleon blooms for Valentine's Day

Work september 16, 2014

Growth and Death of Flowers Visualized in Real-Time Installation

Infinity of Flowers, opening in Tokyo this month, is an interactive display that uses technological innovations to convey the circle of life in nature

Arts & Culture november 5, 2013

Clip-On Vase Pin Holds Miniature Bouquets [Pics]

Artist creates flower-friendly boutonnieres out of hand-blown glass.

Work june 26, 2013

X-Ray Imagery Exposes Flowers’ Hidden Skeletons [Pics]

British photographer Nick Veasey uses medical technology to uncover minute details in the mundane.

Luxury june 16, 2013

Could Foodies Save American Flower Growers?

Edible flowers may revive a once strong local industry.

Technology may 31, 2013

Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Innovation may 20, 2013

Scientists Control Microscopic Flowers' Shape As They Grow

Scientists are able to manipulate these plants into different configurations and sizes

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Balancing Vase Automatically Tips Over When Plants Are Thirsty

New design alerts owner when it’s time to water their greenery.

Work may 16, 2013

Morning Cup Of Coffee Comes With Plantable Seed Packs

Seedtabs partners with locals cafes to give java drinkers a way to plant flowers on their daily commute.

Innovation may 15, 2013

Scientists Discover How To Keep Fruit Fresher For Longer

A catalytic converter for produce could prevent them spoiling so quickly.

Home may 6, 2013

Postal Stamps Inspired By Vintage Seed Packets [Pics]

The U.S. Postal Service issued a series of Commemorative Forever Stamps earlier this spring based on seed packets from a century ago.

Cities november 12, 2012

Moving Sculptures Made Entirely Of Flowers [Pics]

Floral design work gets showcased in an annual Belgian parade.

Technology september 6, 2012

High-Tech Sensors Allow Gardeners To Monitor Plants Online [Gallery]

Bitponics lets users know how to best take care of their plants based on information like soil pH and air temperature.


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