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Technology september 12, 2016

You Can Now Insure Your Drone Every Time It Takes To The Skies

The on-demand service covers both commercial and recreational flights

Retail august 5, 2016

Retailer Builds Indoor Pilot School For Drones

Popular South Korean manufacturer DJI opened a 1,395 square meter arena to offer hands-on lessons for potential customers

Travel may 5, 2016

No More Lost Bags? Delta Embraces RFID For Luggage

The move towards the future is leading airlines into a more efficient age of baggage handling

Luxury february 3, 2016

Pay A Monthly Fee, Pack Your Bags and Take Unlimited Flights

This startup brings the monthly metro pass concept to the skies

Technology september 18, 2014

Robotic Birds of Prey to Patrol the Skies

A Dutch organization wants to scare off avian pests using remote-controlled falcons and eagles

Work march 7, 2014

LED Displays Provide Physical Extension For Frequent Flying App [Video]

Flying consists of wall-mountable panels that connect to the user’s account to display real-time flight information.

Arts & Culture march 4, 2014

How A Nineteen-Year-Old Redesigned The Domestic Airline System

Matt Voska created Flytenow which offers a low cost and eco-friendly way to travel in New England.

Design & Architecture september 11, 2013

How An Upholstery Expert Ended Up Redesigning An Entire Fleet Of Planes [Video]

KLM hired an interior decorator who knew nothing about airplanes to design their cabin space.

Cities september 11, 2013

Airport Food Truck Offers Terminal Meals To Stockholm’s Hungry Residents

Airport in Sweden offers a new lunchtime alternative to prove how far airport food has really come.

Travel august 30, 2013

Transport App Shoots Traffic Complaints To Government Officials

A new way to identify infrastructure problems and drive national change.

Design & Architecture august 30, 2013

Redesigned Boarding Pass Eases Headaches For Travelers And Airlines [Pics]

Chronological information and improved branding are all part of this new concept.

Arts & Culture august 16, 2013

Wind-Powered Solar Building Flies In The Air

Powered by wind and solar energy, this pryramid shaped sculpture defies gravity and reinvents the architectural landscape.

Mobile august 13, 2013

3D Sculptures Of Flight Paths Commemorate Travels

With 'loci', travelers can display special trips with a physical memento of the flights taken.

Luxury july 30, 2013

Dining Guide To Heathrow Airport Directs Travelers To Tasty Bites

Passengers get a helping hand to narrow down their eating options at the UK's busiest airport.


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