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Technology august 11, 2016

Headband Helps You Achieve Better Focus And Sleep

The device uses extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses to induce relaxation and a state of meditation

Work march 14, 2016

Chrome Extension Curses at You to Get Back to Work

Get some tough love to help you concentrate on work

Op-Ed may 1, 2014

Shawn Parr: How To Use The F Word In Business To Deliver Better Results

Focus is a key word to keep in mind when determining the purpose of a new initiative, why it matters, and how it connects to the mission of a business.

Mobile october 29, 2013

Mobile Game Operates On Player’s Neurofeedback [Video]

Video game allows you to compete brain-to-brain with other players by harnessing neural signals.

Sustainability june 23, 2013

Brain Scanning Headband Improves Your Concentration

Melon is a wearable device and app that tracks your thoughts to help you focus.

Technology november 20, 2012

Change The Focus & Perspective Of A Photo After It’s Taken [Video]

Lytro gives photographers more flexibility on changing the appearance of images in post-editing.

Work august 25, 2012

How Are Modular Designs Creating A More Flexible Workplace? [Future Of Work]

PSFK is asking readers to take a picture of their favorite workplace escape or share their best technique for maintaining a laser sharp focus.

Innovation june 22, 2012

Headband Helps Users To Concentrate Better [Pics]

This unique EEG device can help users improve mental focus.

Design & Architecture january 12, 2012

Eye Glasses Adjust Focus With A Simple Touch

emPower specs from PixelOptics have an LCD-like layer that turns on and off with an electric charge.

Mobile july 6, 2011

Behind Google’s New Design Update

The tech company's creative team say they're working on a project to bring users a new and improved Google experience that will roll out across all brands over the next few months.

Luxury june 23, 2011

New Digital Camera Will Let You Shoot First, Focus Later

A new digital camera by startup Lyto will allow photographers to adjust the focus of their photos after the shot has been taken - providing a disruptive innovation not currently present in the digital camera marketplace.

Technology may 17, 2011

Gamify Your Facebook Addiction With Anti-Distraction App

Obtract helps you and your team stay focused by forcing you to complete maze puzzles before accessing common online distractions.

Technology september 10, 2010

Reading Glasses: Removing Distractions Online

A browser extension looks to improve the reading experience online.

Work june 25, 2010

Trends That Are Driving Ford’s Vision

PSFK reports on the drivers that led to a shift in direction towards the small car.


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