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Design & Architecture november 24, 2014

Oru Kayak’s Latest Model is Backpacker and Environmentally Friendly

Foldable boating brand now building models from recyclable plastics

Innovation november 10, 2014

High-Performance City Bike Folds Up In Seconds

Vello bicycle offers innovative design for easy commute on public transportation

Design & Architecture september 17, 2014

Folditure Furniture Designed to Fold into Hangable Flat Silhouettes

The company creates folding chairs and tables that allow for optimal space-saving

Work march 31, 2014

Space-Saving Chair Transforms Into A Suitcase And Back [Video]

This magician-designed chair folds away effortlessly.

Design & Architecture september 18, 2012

One-Size-Fits-All Bike Helmet Folds Up Like An Accordion

Carerra introduces an expanding and contracting helmet that has an elastic fitting system that molds to the rider’s head.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2012

Flat ‘CD’ Folds Into A Fully-Functional Computer Mouse

In this concept design, Taewon Hwang imagines a peripheral that can be stored inside a CD ROM drive but function as a controller when opened.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2012

Foldable Keyboard Simplifies Smartphone Typing

Elecom and One2Touch design a portable keyboard that doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged, and can be used for 3-5 years.

Work august 7, 2012

Origami-Inspired Whiteboard Folds Instantly To Fit In A Pocket

Portable noteboard turns any space into a conference room.

Home july 3, 2012

Stainless Steel Table Folds Down Into A Mailable Envelope [Video]

Postable is al design available in three sizes, which can be shipped as a regular letter and then unfolded to assemble.

Luxury june 18, 2012

Ray-Ban Unveils Foldable Aviator Sunglasses [Pics]

The American sunglasses brand reinvents its iconic style in a travel-friendly form.

Design & Architecture june 11, 2012

Origami Kayak Unfolds & Is Ready-To-Use In Minutes [Video]

A large artist portfolio quickly assembles into a working boat.

Technology may 18, 2012

Portable Cardboard Box Turns Smartphones Into Scanners

A Kickstarter project lets users take optimal photos of documents without the hassle using a structure that folds up flat.

Home february 20, 2012

Foldable Chandelier Creates Space & Gives Multiple Lighting Options [Pics]

Space-saving lamps offer simplistic designs and functionality.

Arts & Culture february 16, 2012

Revamped Compact Bicycle Folds Up In Under 10 Seconds

Portable bike can be collapsed faster due to its uniquely odd frame shape.


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