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[Inspiration] Designers create digital-first fonts inspired by IBM typewriters
Design & Architecture july 8, 2016

Handheld Tool Can Identify Any Font

The device allows print materials to become interactive and closes the gap between the physical and digital worlds

Technology april 23, 2015

Thwart Online Bots With This Mutant Font

Fonte Mutante's rotating graphic variations and daily encryption refreshings keep your text for human eyes only

Advertising march 2, 2015

Typography Censors B.S. Tech Buzzwords

Sans Bullshit Sans Font highlights how overbearing tech buzzwords have become

Work june 13, 2014

BIC Pens Create Universal Font From Crowdsourced Handwriting

People around the world contribute their handwriting style to design a brand new typeface.

Luxury may 16, 2014

New Alphabet Illustrates 26 Of The Greatest Scientific Innovations

Complex ideas translated into an easy-to-understand design language.

Design & Architecture may 6, 2014

Create Your Own Custom Fonts From Scratch

The Prototypo application enables users to shape a typeface with sliders before refining spacing and outlines.

Design & Architecture may 5, 2014

School Develops A New Way To Teach Handwriting For The Digital World

This font keeps kids from copying handwriting habits from printed text.

Technology october 17, 2013

Illustration Of The Brooklyn Bridge Designed Using Only Typography [Video]

Artist has begun the painstaking task of redesigning New York’s most loved transport link with intricate typefaces.

Work october 9, 2013

Dali-Inspired Typeface Molds To Any Surface It Is Placed On [Pics]

Student opts for Jell-O to create an adaptable typeface that is different with each use.

Innovation september 19, 2013

Robot-Created Font Emulates Traditional Calligraphy [Video]

Graphic designer Mostafa El Abasiry created Robosans, a digital font made by a wired control robot.

Arts & Culture august 30, 2013

Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

BBDO has created a storybook featuring a combination of braille and the alphabet.

Technology july 8, 2013

How KLM Embraced Comic Sans For A Day

Dutch airline celebrates the infamous type in a one-day campaign.

Design & Architecture july 2, 2013

Cryptic Typeface Throws Off Prying NSA Eyes

These fonts are artistically camouflaged to be undecipherable to software scanning systems.


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