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Target and IDEO collaborate to improve the state (and taste) of supermarket produce (Fast Company)
Culture december 14, 2015

IKEA is Looking At Its Swedish Meatballs with Future Vision

The company's research lab Space10 considers the possibilities insects and lab-grown meat

Design august 6, 2013

An Extravagant 12-Course Meal In A Can

Designer Chris Godfrey offers the average person the chance to "dine like royalty without the washing up."

Design july 2, 2013

Common Foods Redesigned To Be Easier To Eat [Pics]

Papila is a platform that examines different ways to interact with food by treating it as a design material.

Culture november 8, 2012

Redesigning Food & Anime-Inspired Jewelry [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archive we uncover a presentation on accessories that bring to life the popular Japanese cartoon artform.

Cities july 9, 2012

Turning Air Into Water & Designing Food [PechaKucha]

The international design hub shares presentations on how to extract water from other resources and the rising careers of a plastics artist.

Design april 17, 2012

Decadent Chocolate Hand Grenade Filled With Sweets [Pics]

The "Calories Bomb" by Raphael Volkmer can be broken open to reveal the colorful candy inside.

Design june 21, 2011

The Evolution Of The Oreo [Pic]

The 'face' of one of the most popular cookies has undergone few adjustments since its introduction almost 100 years ago.


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