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Design & Architecture october 22, 2013

Floating Farms Grow Crops Along City Coastlines [Video]

Hydroponic produce module uses coastal waterways to grow food in urban environments.

Sustainability march 22, 2013

What Bill Gates Believes Is The Future Of Food [Video]

Food scientists are developing plant-based alternatives to meat that are produced more sustainably.

Advertising february 13, 2012

Chipotle Ad Depicts The Terrifying Future Of Food Production [Video]

Fast-food chain creates an evocative video to suggest a more natural alternative to how we process our food.

Innovation january 13, 2012

Recycled Shipping Container Farms Let You Grow Fresh Food Anywhere

Freight Farms have created modular urban farms that act as high volume crop production units.

Arts & Culture march 30, 2011

Queen Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?

The documentary 'Queen of the Sun' provides an alarming inquiry into the global bee crisis, told through the struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers.

Design & Architecture january 14, 2011

Lessons For Modern Cities From The Australian Floods

Sydney-based architect Dan Hill offers first hand observations of how cities can become more resilient.

Home september 3, 2010

Multi-Tiered Vertical Farm Concept Re-Imagines India’s Skyline

HP Skyline 2020 Competition explores the future design of urban cityscapes.


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