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Syndicated august 15, 2016

Do Food Scares Really Change The Way We Eat?

Months after the WHO warned that it caused cancer, bacon is enjoying a sales streak. But it’s not the first time we have overcome our fears about foodstuffs

Mobile march 19, 2014

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Cartoon Network previews a show on Instagram video, Prada buys a pasty shop and Harrod's to get a customs agent.

Sustainability may 28, 2013

Is Plastic Wrap Dangerous?

The phthalate chemicals used in the popular packaging are banned in some countries and have been blamed for many ailments.

Work january 25, 2013

Why Is Horse Meat Ending Up In Burgers?

Is the drive to produce the cheapest food possible leading to serious corner cutting?

Innovation november 27, 2012

Good Food: Should You Keep A Chicken On Your Apartment’s Roof?

Growing numbers of city dwellers keeping chickens may be spreading disease and harming birds.

Advertising november 8, 2012

UK Health Official: Fast Food Firms Should Face Legal Limits On Salt And Sugar Use

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham calls for law change to force reformulation of popular items amid UK's rising obesity.

Retail june 11, 2012

To Save Money, Consumers Start Ignoring ‘Use-By’ Dates On Food [Headlines]

British watchdog says recession affected people are risking food poisoning.


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