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Sustainability september 16, 2016

Stylish Composting Suitable For Apartment Dwellers

A compact ecosystem breaks down more than 2 pounds of raw waste per week, efficiently and odorlessly

Food august 25, 2016

Milk Proteins Could Be The Packaging Material Of The Future

A newly discovered casein-based alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and even edible

Retail august 12, 2016

Food Delivery Service Uses Eco-Friendly Reusable Cube

FreshRealm uses a layered, insulated box in order to preserve its contents and cut down on waste

Retail july 25, 2016

Walmart Is Now Selling ‘Ugly’ Produce

The retail chain is stocking dented fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat food waste

Advertising july 12, 2016

Wonky Mr. Potato Head Is The Perfect Spokesperson Against Food Waste

An imperfect figure becomes a familiar and powerful statesman against the wasting of food

Technology may 6, 2016

‘Pay As You Waste’ System Helps South Korea Cut Down On Discarded Food

Could this level of tech-assisted waste consciousness work elsewhere?

Travel april 19, 2016

This Hotel Chain Hopes To Make A Difference By Growing Its Own Vegetables

AccorHotels plans on growing its own vegetables, drastically reducing food waste overall

Cities april 5, 2016

To Optimize Social Good, Organizations Turn To Corporations For More Than Funding

Production processes perfected by the private sector can help the social-minded scale efficiently

Target and IDEO collaborate to improve the state (and taste) of supermarket produce (Fast Company)
Starbucks will donate 100% of its unused food to those in need (Mashable)
Design & Architecture march 1, 2016

A Supermarket Where Expired Food Flies Off the Shelves

Denmark supermarket offers expired goods at big discount prices to help fight food wastage

Mobile may 6, 2014

Buy Restaurants’ Excess Food For Cheap

The PareUp app connects consumers to restaurants and grocery stores with excess food, before they throw it away.

Home march 6, 2014

Composter Turns Food Waste Into Urban Fertilizer [Video]

The Food Cycler: Home is a compact, indoor composting appliance that can convert food scraps into fertilizer in less than 3 hours.

Innovation january 23, 2014

Embedded Chips Alert Homeowners To Rotting Food Via Texts

Scientists are looking for a solution to remedy the food waste crisis in Europe.


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