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Op-Ed october 12, 2016

Digital Director: Fandom And Fortune In The Connected Stadium

Kieran Loftus of Puzzle Sport shares how sports brands are designing arenas to enhance the fan experience

Media & Publishing september 19, 2016

Copa90 Takes On Sports Coverage In The World Of Snapchat

The youth-focused football news source is using popular apps to become the next big-name sports media brand

Fitness & Sport august 18, 2016

Wilson Has Crafted The Most Intelligent Football Ever Made

The futuristic ball provides data feedback on each throw to help players improve their game

Fashion august 11, 2016

Adidas Is Letting Fans Design Jerseys For Their Favorite Football Team

The activewear brand is giving aspiring designers an opportunity to participate in the first apparel challenge of sport's history

Automotive may 20, 2016

Fan Dome Provides The Ultimate Experience For UK Football Fans

A world-first reactive 360-degree audiovisual innovation from Hyundai

Fashion march 3, 2016

Former Soccer Player Creates Ultra-Soft Wool Running Shoes

Footwear made from New Zealand Merino Wool lets you go to the gym sans socks

Untethering sports from TV, Twitter will stream NFL Thursday night football (Wall Street Journal)
Innovation march 2, 2016

France’s Olympic Stadium Guarded by Giant 3D-Printed Lions

This mega-statue represents team spirit and the new face of manufacturing

IoT february 10, 2016

Vibrating Jerseys Introduce a Fourth Dimension of Fandom

Wearable Experiments brings the "future of fandom" with tackles you can feel

Work february 8, 2016

How Squarespace Pulled Off a Live, Improvised Super Bowl Ad

A behind-the-scenes look at how that Key and Peele four-hour improv came to be

Mobile february 5, 2016

Super Bowl 2020: Future Fandom Gets Teched Out

Mixed realities, snack drones and ads in your face at Super Bowl 54

Work january 25, 2016

Adidas’s First-Ever Laceless Soccer Shoe Fits Like a Glove

This bold design leap promises no more risks of tripping on laces

Design & Architecture january 14, 2016

Protect the Athlete, Elevate the Game: A Solution to Sports-Related Head Injuries

Football helmet deforms upon impact, like memory foam for the head

Design & Architecture march 24, 2014

Nike’s Soccer Socks Will Replace Traditional Cleats

Flyknit technology used to micro engineer every inch of new footwear.


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