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Work february 26, 2013

Puma Running Shoe Expands And Contracts With Wearer’s Steps

The Mobium Elite promotes "adaptive running" and features a band that enhances the foot's natural spring.

Design & Architecture september 26, 2012

Converse Uses No-Longer-Sold Missoni Prints For Latest Collection [Pics]

The 'Archive Project’ is a collaboration between the brands that uses out of circulation fabrics and textiles for 20 footwear designs.

Technology september 19, 2012

Handmade, 3D Printed Shoes Look Like Futuristic Combat Boots [Pics]

‘A Wrong Mongrel’ is Ross Barber's collection of 8 leather boots that investigate the development of 'hybridism' with their contemporary designs.

Design & Architecture july 26, 2012

Flip-Flops Let Wearer Feel Like They're Walking On Grass [Pics]

'Kusa' features a synthetic turf insert that gives the wearer a soft, natural feeling and molds to their feet, creating a perfect-fitting sandal.

Retail april 26, 2012

Dr. Martens Collaborates With Liberty London On Floral Collection [Pics]

The highly urban brand and the age old company team up and blend their styles for a 'Wild Nature' theme.

Design & Architecture october 12, 2011

Footwear Designer Creates High Heeled Birds [Pics]

Kobi Levi's series of shoes draw inspiration from a toucan, a mallard and a swan.


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