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Retail january 7, 2014

Makeup Line Packaged For The Modern Man [Pics]

A more manly approach to makeup from Dutch designer Annemiek van der Beek makes cosmetics more accessible to the opposite sex.

Work december 13, 2013

12 Things You Need to Know Today

A shocking percentage of web traffic is bots, Google Now features come to iOS, and more.

Innovation january 9, 2013

Specially Formulated Makeup Can Be Removed With Just Warm Water

Japanese company Shiseido has created a foundation called 'Fullmake Washable Base' that makes it easier to wash off makeup.

Home september 10, 2012

Concrete Stand Keeps Laptop From Overheating [Pics]

Designer Greg Papove proves that functionality isn't necessarily all about portability.

Home july 19, 2012

Brad Pitt Unveils House Designed By Frank Gehry For Charity [Pics]

Famous architect creates a sustainable home for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Technology june 28, 2012

Charity Raises $35K Through Foursquare [Headlines]

Save the Music will use the money to restore a public school’s program for band, keyboard, guitar, strings or mariachi.

Design & Architecture april 18, 2012

Listen To Shifting Tectonic Plates With In-House Microphones

Nine geological microphones embedded into the foundation of artist Doug Aitken's house allow guests to listen to the shifting tectonic plates.

Technology july 11, 2011

Bill And Melinda Gates Anti-Malaria Map [Infographic]

The Gates Foundation has released stats on what the state of malaria would be in the world with and without their contributions.


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