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Design & Architecture october 31, 2016

Temporary Tattoo Line Offers A Range Of Scents For Your Body

Tattly partnered with Agilex Fragrances on new collection of designs called Arm Candy

Technology october 21, 2016

Fragrance Will Release The Smell Of Data If Your Private Information Is Being Leaked

The device is designed to create a physical cue for the potential dangers lurking online

Syndicated june 26, 2015

SC Johnson Wants You to Know What's In Your Air Fresheners

The consumer product giant is the first multinational company to disclose fragrance ingredients, which are considered trade secrets, by product

Work june 17, 2015

Bottling the Smell of Dead Loved Ones Won’t Capture Their Essence

A company promises to provide ‘olfactory comfort’ by making a perfume from the distilled scent of our dearly departed

Cities october 6, 2014

Pharrell Williams Commissions Brooklyn Artist for Fragrance Packaging

This whimsical bottle is a true reflection of the singer/producer's style

Retail october 2, 2014

Beardbrand Oil Scents Based on Fragrances of Guilty Pleasures

The Four Vices Beard Oil is a mild scent combining notes of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis

Mobile september 8, 2014

Ringtones Converted into Scented Mist Creates Fragrant Communication

The iScent can turn any mobile notification into a plume of vapor, creating a subtle and unique alert system

Advertising august 21, 2014

Axe 'Kiss for Peace' Campaign Promotes International Goodwill, Social Media Style

AXE Challenges young people to #KissForPeace in honor of International Peace Day

Retail august 11, 2014

Tara Reid Creates 'Sharknado'-Themed Perfume

One of the world's most ridiculous movies now has its own fragrance

Sustainability august 4, 2014

Futuristic Fragrance Collection Highlights Scents Endangered by Climate Change

The smell of honey, wine, coasts and coffee may soon only be available in artificial form

Retail may 5, 2014

Perfume Scientists Turn Shoppers' Movements Into A Custom Scent

Selfridges offers an audio-guided installation that ends with a perfume being created based on people's reactions to the space.

Mobile march 18, 2014

Restaurant Menu's Scent-Diffusing App Lets Patrons Smell The Food Before They Order [Video]

Spanish chef develops app with Japanese mobile fragrance device to create 4D menu experience.

Advertising february 20, 2014

Perfume Refill Program Eliminates Bottle Waste

Thierry Mugler refills customers empty perfume bottles at a discounted price.

Cities november 4, 2013

Wilderness Perfumer Concocts Scents Using Naturally-Foraged Ingredients

An organic line of fragrance that recaptures the essence of nature.


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