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SC Johnson Wants You to Know What’s In Your Air Fresheners

Bottling the Smell of Dead Loved Ones Won’t Capture Their Essence

Pharrell Williams Commissions Brooklyn Artist for Fragrance Packaging

Beardbrand Oil Scents Based on Fragrances of Guilty Pleasures

Ringtones Converted into Scented Mist Creates Fragrant Communication

Axe ‘Kiss for Peace’ Campaign Promotes International Goodwill, Social Media Style

Tara Reid Creates ‘Sharknado’-Themed Perfume

Futuristic Fragrance Collection Highlights Scents Endangered by Climate Change

Perfume Scientists Turn Shoppers’ Movements Into A Custom Scent

Restaurant Menu’s Scent-Diffusing App Lets Patrons Smell The Food Before They Order [Video]

Perfume Refill Program Eliminates Bottle Waste

Wilderness Perfumer Concocts Scents Using Naturally-Foraged Ingredients

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