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Work march 13, 2014

Is Virtual Reality The Nurse Of The Future? [Future Of Health]

Augmented reality interfaces are giving physicians new ways to access and interact with the information they need most.

november 8, 2013

Shirt Monitors Heart Activity For Safer Workouts

The FitnessSHIRT is expected to improve training capabilities, performance, and awareness of health symptoms.

Innovation february 14, 2013

Pressure Sensitive Tool Turns Surgery Into Real Life ‘Operation’ Game

German researchers develop a special pressure-sensing handle to aid young doctors

Advertising december 21, 2012

Security Company Adds Built-In Copy Protection For Their Machinery

A German-based security company is developing new ways to protect the intellectual property of manufacturers.

Work november 6, 2012

Glasses Turn Book Pages

Fraunhofer and its partners have developed a new technology allowing surgeons, automotive technicians, or anyone to have completely hands-free document navigation.

Sustainability august 10, 2012

Wooden Computer More Energy Efficient Than A Normal One

Tablet made from environmentally sustainable material is more eco-friendly and reusable.

Design & Architecture july 6, 2012

Special Window Coating Can Help People Feel Happier

Researchers find a way to allow more light in that could improve mental and physical well-being.

Technology january 9, 2012

Smart Sleeves That Will Improve Workplace Efficiency

Sensors worn on arms can measure various assembly worker movements and motion sequences to improve performance.

Retail august 4, 2011

Wave-Of-The-Hand Window Shopping

A prototype conceived by the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany aims to change traditional retail store-fronts into gesture controlled points for browsing store inventory.


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