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Technology july 13, 2012

Mobile App Organizes Contacts Based On Relationships

Brewster's algorithm monitors how a user interacts with people across multiple social networks, creating relevant lists for searching.

Innovation june 11, 2012

Fred Wilson: The Magic Formula For Start-Ups [Video]

Well-known VC explains what he thinks makes the perfect new business idea.

Work january 18, 2012

New York's Mayor Wants To Encourage Young Software Engineers

Mike Bloomberg stresses the importance of technical skills for the future job economy.

Luxury january 5, 2012

How One Startup Got 100,000 Users In 2 Days

Insights into how Codecademy achieved marketing success with Code Year.

Technology january 3, 2012

Fred Wilson: Read, Write, Code [Headlines]

VC says that everyone should learn how to code in 2012

Technology october 31, 2011

Fred Wilson: Program Or Be Programmed [Headlines]

"Learn how to hack something together so that you can get people interested in your idea, your project, your startup. If you can do that, then you have a better chance of success!"

Mobile october 14, 2011

Fred Wilson: Next Big Plays Are Cloud, P2P Marketplaces And Enterprise [Headlines]

"The internet investing market is transitioning. Social was the driving force for the past three or four years... Mobile has also been a hot theme..."

Technology september 22, 2011

Fred Wilson: What Startups Should Do After The Hype Dies

"The thing to do is focus on those who remain, service them incredibly well, and start building from there. The hot app crowd may or may not be back. Your loyal users will."

IoT september 22, 2011

Creating 'In Situ' Content

VC Fred Wilson recently described the benefit of cloud content systems like SoundCloud and Google Docs.

Arts & Culture september 15, 2011

Fred Wilson: We've Invested In Turntable.FM [Headlines]

"Turntable is where strangers play music they love to each other, talk, and in time become friends. It happens to me most mornings and it is a special experience."

Luxury august 17, 2011

Fred Wilson Invests In Karnjanaprakorn's SkillShare [Headlines]

The service wants to turn every address into a classroom and every person into a teacher or student.

Technology july 18, 2011

Fred Wilson: Yes, We Can Digitally Organize Our Friends [Headlines]

The venture capitalist shares his opinions about the latest social network from Google.

Design & Architecture june 13, 2011

Fred Wilson: Don't Forget Your Logged Out Users [Headlines]

"If only 10% of your users need to log in because 90% just want to consume, then you'll end up with the vast majority of your users in the logged out camp."

Innovation june 3, 2011

Fred Wilson: Enough Is Enough [Headlines]

"I believe that software patents should not exist. They are a tax on innovation. And software is closer to media than it is to hardware. Patenting software is like patenting music."


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