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Mobile january 14, 2015

'Je Suis Charlie' Sympathizers Mapped In Solidarity

Check-in app lets Charlie Hebdo supporters celebrate freedom of expression

Technology january 3, 2014

Tim Berners-Lee Speaks Out Against Unchecked Government Surveillance

The web inventor joined with over 100 activists and groups to call for an end to the hypocrisy of the US and UK ruling bodies.

Work march 11, 2013

Ai Weiwei Is Releasing A Heavy Metal Album

Chinese artist has written nine rock-tinged tracks for music debut to follow his Gangnam-style video.

Home february 7, 2013

Is Michael Moore Taking On Obama?

Moore supporting activists who have mounted a case against the Obama administration seeking change on civil liberties issues.

Work april 23, 2012

The Guardian Selects Their Top 20 Internet Freedom Fighters

From politicians and professors to computer scientists and the first programmer, these are the champions of the open internet.

Design & Architecture april 16, 2012

Ai Weiwei: How Chinese Censorship Can Never Defeat The Internet

Renown artists believes that freedom can't be stopped in the internet age.

Luxury march 14, 2011

The Work Of Art In The Age Of DDOS Attacks

Nadia Plesner's contrarian and provocative stance over her use of the likeness of a Louis Vuitton Bag in her artwork see's her facing fines of €5000 for every day she continues to do so.


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