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Advertising september 27, 2016

Lancôme’s Newest Campaign Stars A Domestic Abuse Survivor

Rosie Batty is the new face of the Love Your Age series, and is using the platform to bring awareness to a prevalent and deadly problem

Arts & Culture july 8, 2016

Music Video Allows You To Swap Actors At Will

The latest single from Cassius allows viewers to change out the actors in real time to show how love is everywhere

Technology june 13, 2016

The French Government Has Developed An App For National Emergencies

Officials have updated France's communications to provide faster and more accurate messaging

Technology may 23, 2016

Earpiece Can Translate Foreign Languages On The Fly

The Pilot lets you nestle a personal interpreter directly into your ear canal

Travel april 8, 2016

Designing Modern Transportation For A Classical City

Simplicity and complexity come together with a tramway in this historic city

Luxury july 9, 2014

Room-Sized Bubbles Served Up for Portable Luxury

CasaBubble's inflatable structures offer hotel-like luxury anywhere, from beach to backyard.

Cities march 31, 2014

Tree-Inspired Building Features Branch-Like Balconies [Pics]

The unique shape of "L'Arbre Blanc" takes its inspiration from nature.

Design & Architecture february 10, 2014

Parisian Ads Swapped Out For Classical Masterpieces [Pics]

Guerilla street art brings a bit of high culture to busy city streets.

Mobile december 10, 2013

French Guide Helps Tourists Use Parisian Subway System Politely [Pics]

An illustrated e-book tells visitors to France how to avoid the pitfalls of rude behavior.

Work august 1, 2013

Experimental Left-Handed Drawing Transformed Into Chair Design [Pics]

A wobbly sketch is transformed into an actual piece of furniture.

Arts & Culture june 20, 2013

Amphitheater Illuminated By Energy From Concertgoers’ Dancing

Futuristic stage radiates light and creates visuals based on how hard you party.

Design & Architecture june 10, 2013

Mini Espresso Machine Brews Coffee On The Road [Video]

Compact design allows drivers to take coffee breaks on the go.

Work may 22, 2013

Suspended Boxes Transform Trees Into A Free Library

New project aims to promote free access to reading.

Advertising may 17, 2013

Sturdy Mason Jar Transforms Into A French Press

New French press design uses raw materials from the US and offers a lifetime guarantee.


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