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Advertising may 11, 2016

These Fish Are So Fresh That Their Packaging Jumps

Polish food company uses proximity sensors and haptic feedback to surprise shoppers

Technology may 30, 2013

Mentos Filter Attempts To Find Best Content On The Web

The platform aggregates videos and other viral posts to enable users to vote on what is "fresh" or not.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2013

Sturdy Mason Jar Transforms Into A French Press

New French press design uses raw materials from the US and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Work march 29, 2013

Google Image Montage Demonstrates Essential Human Curiosity

Artist puts together search images in a way that makes viewers see them in a new light.

Cities march 22, 2013

Banksy Graffiti Gets Spellchecked To Promote Education

A new campaign for a British tutoring service has an eye-catching new take on cleaning up grammar and spelling.

Syndicated november 18, 2011

Springwise: Subscribe To Freshly Made Artisan Bread

A Brazilian website sends customers three loaves of their choice of bread each week, designed to be finished at home to ensure it's piping hot.

Luxury september 10, 2010

Filling Station Dispenses Fresh Milk Around The Clock

Self-serve vending machines delivers dairy 24 hours a day.

Retail july 6, 2010

Experiencing “Eat, Pray, Love” In Scents

A product licensing extension leading up to the film's release leads to a trio of fragrances.

Retail march 22, 2010

Intelligent Barcode Indicates Vegetable Freshness

Fresh Code is an intelligent barcode which recedes over time.


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