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Health august 23, 2016

Design Firm Creates Life-Saving MRI Machine For Newborns

The Embrace Neonatal System is an easy-to-use and patient-friendly scanner

Technology june 28, 2016

This Device Is Designed To Distract You From Pain With Virtual Reality

Mixed reality that removes us from the present might become hospitals' solution to chronic pain

Mobile april 16, 2015

Designing for the Apple Watch: Don’t Crowd the Content

PSFK Watch Week: Smartwatches are for bite-sized bits of news, not 1,000-word manifestos

Gaming & Play may 26, 2013

UN Game Enlists Citizens To Design Their Communities [My Ideal City]

Block By Block is a platform which uses the designs of Minecraft game players to design their own neighborhoods.

Work april 16, 2013

Masks Filter Air & Map Out Urban Pollution

Airwaves is a bluetooth-enabled pollution filter that collects and shares air quality data.

Home february 26, 2013

What The Next Generation Of Wearable Tech Could Look Like

frog hosted an internal competition across its eight offices to come up with creative ideas.

Syndicated february 17, 2013

Frog: Procter & Gamble Says Emotional Connections Are Crucial For Branding

Mindsharing chats with Phil Duncan, Global Design Officer at the major multinational consumer goods corporation.

IoT january 4, 2013

frog: What Innovators Can Learn From Artists

Although they may not always seem like the best business people, the creative class can teach a few lessons to those of us behind the desks.

IoT december 29, 2012

How To Get Around In The City Of The Future [Video]

Designers at frog have been working on a project to update existing urban transportation networks with a system of gondolas.

Technology december 25, 2012

Michael McDaniel: My 2013 Prediction, Mother Nature As The Ultimate Innovator

As the year draws to a close, we ask a frog designer what he thinks will dominate in 2013.

Work november 15, 2012

frog: How Engineers Can Become Designers - 8 Simple Steps

Making the transition from hardcore mechanical specialist to design generalist can be tough, but mobility resources and CAD will help you do it.

Luxury october 28, 2012

Designing A Scalable Mass Transit Solution For 21st Century Cities [PSFK CONFERENCE SF]

PSFK talks to frog's Principal Designer about an aerial public transportation solution that costs a fraction of the price of other public transportation options to implement.

Sustainability october 21, 2012

Marketer, Designer, Educator, Change-Maker: What's In Store For You AT PSFK SF

If you work in advertising or marketing, or you are a designer, an educator, or a true digital native; or just a global change-maker, there's something at this event for you.

Arts & Culture may 15, 2012

frog: What Is The Hidden Potential In Simple Functionality?

When imagining the future of gadget design, taking basic functions a step further could be the most productive path.


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