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Technology june 3, 2015

UNICEF Wants Wearables for Those Who Actually Need Them

The Wearables For Good Challenge hopes to open the floodgates for cost-effective, low-power, durable and scalable wearable tech

IoT march 13, 2014

Home Appliances Given Personalities, Become Sad When Underused

Designer Simone Rebaudengo created a network of toasters that are addicted to making toast and get jealous if used less frequently.

Design & Architecture november 13, 2013

All-In-One Appliance Envisions A Kitchen Free Of Clutter

EcoSwitch concept saves space, energy, and the environment with one amazing device.

Gaming & Play may 26, 2013

UN Game Enlists Citizens To Design Their Communities [My Ideal City]

Block By Block is a platform which uses the designs of Minecraft game players to design their own neighborhoods.

Work december 2, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From a next-generation prosthetic hand to an exercise plan tailored to sugary drinks, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Technology july 5, 2011

frog: Microsoft And Google Pull The Plug On Responsible Energy Consumption

Collin Cole comments on the two giant tech companies pulling the plug on their energy consumption reading programs.

Work june 30, 2011

frog: Google Health Fails To Bring Meaning To Data

The creative team of frog design collaborated in this post to look critically at the future of health services and compile a list of how industry experts can learn from the falls of Google Health.

Arts & Culture june 28, 2011

frog: Outside Of Design

Former intern of frog design Lucas Saule shares that sometimes it takes jumping out of a plane to gain a new perspective and some inspiration.

Work june 23, 2011

frog: Don't Criminalize Test-Driving Your Competitors

The author of Innovation X advises that companies who encourage their workers to try their competitors' offerings can learn and grow from the experience.

Advertising june 13, 2011

frog design: Why iCloud Will Be As Important As The iPod

Design mind discusses points of iCloud that could indicate same success as iPod.

Sustainability june 2, 2011

frog design: The Art Of Design Research (And Why It Matters)

Design can exist without "the research." But if we don't study the world, we don't always know how or what to create.

Mobile may 31, 2011

frog design: Smart Brands In The Connected Age

The internet of things with its unprecedented level of connectivity does not only catalyze the rise of “social” but also the rise of “smart.” And smart means complex.

Retail may 26, 2011

frog design: Building Your Own Temple of Enthusiasm

Every once in a while I come across an example of an environment that really resonates as magical; Deus Ex Machina's Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, Bali does that.

Luxury may 23, 2011

frog design: Are Our Lives Vanishing Into The Cloud?

Albums, books, and other objects are being replaced by unseen data—but new ways to craft our identities are emerging, too.


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