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Retail july 25, 2016

Walmart Is Now Selling ‘Ugly’ Produce

The retail chain is stocking dented fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat food waste

Food march 11, 2016

A Delivery Service Saves Veggies Deemed Too Ugly for Supermarkets

A crate subscription service reroutes unsightly produce to your doorstep

Innovation october 17, 2014

Nurture’s Living Fruit Basket

A basket made from a small plant's own roots delivers the freshest harvest possible

Cities october 1, 2013

Food Photographs Show Meticulously Laid-Out Meals [Pics]

This series of food installations for startup 'FoodThrottle' displays ingredients in a graphical arrangement.

MyFarm.Com Is A Farmville That Actually Grows Food On a Real Farm
Discarded Ugly Fruit Is Being Collected And Distributed As Prime Product
Work september 6, 2013

Artist Projection Maps Everyday Objects [Video]

A messy bedroom and dirty sink are transformed into futuristic pieces of art.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2013

Ceramic Containers Harness Refrigerator Heat To Keep Produce Fresh [Pics]

Industrial designer creates a new way to keep fruit and vegetables crisp using excess energy.

Mobile august 8, 2013

Mobile Farmer’s Market Travels To Produce-Deprived Neighborhoods

Design students implement their own ideas to improve a fresh produce delivery service.

Design & Architecture august 8, 2013

Biodegradable Utensils Look And Feel Like Fruits And Vegetables [Pics]

Product designer Qiyun Deng’s disposable tableware series is made of bioplastic PLA.

Work june 28, 2013

UV Light Fridges Prevent Food From Rotting

New design concept was able to keep strawberries fresh and intact for nine days.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2013

Fruit Bowl Detects Mold Before It Grows

Clever device will ensure gone-off fruit is a thing of the past.

Technology june 10, 2013

Google Search Now Shows Nutritional Information

The Internet giant helps users make healthy eating choices.

Innovation may 15, 2013

Scientists Discover How To Keep Fruit Fresher For Longer

A catalytic converter for produce could prevent them spoiling so quickly.


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