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Technology may 5, 2016

How Regulations Are Making Your iPhone A Better Doctor

The FTC is developing its own web tool to enhance precision of health apps

Work december 23, 2015

Building the Framework for the Future of Data Security

Policy Director at the Office of Technology, Research, and Investigation at the FTC, Justin Brookman, discusses how to create safer payment systems

Cities june 27, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

LGBT commercials go mainstream, Digg launches Digg Reader and Uber launches in Seoul. Links to start your day with.

Mobile march 14, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Netflix to feature a Facebook feed, Twitter may have a music app and online retail continues to rise...links to start your day with.

Technology august 23, 2012 And Five Other Sites Accused Of Collecting Children's Data [Headlines]

Six major websites including McDonald's and Cartoon Network have been accused of collecting children's data reports the New York Times.

Advertising february 28, 2012

Chrome Extension Stops Advertisers Mining Your Personal Data

Google's Keep My Opt-Out browser tool limits unsolicited third-party cookies, and therefore cuts down on tailored ads.

Advertising september 19, 2011

Ad Industry's Do-Not-Track Plan Blasted By Consumer Groups [Headlines]

The Interactive Advertising Bureau's attempt to stifle consumer concern over behavioral targeting has been called into question by consumer advocacy groups.

Mobile august 18, 2011

App Developers Be Aware Of Child Privacy Laws [Headlines]

The Federal Trade Commission wants app developers to keep children's privacy in consideration and be aware of restrictions they may be violating.

Mobile july 1, 2011

Are Apps Firm Dealings Causing Twitter To Be Investigated? [Headlines]

The Federal Trade Commission is ensuring that Twitter's business relationships with third-party companies like UberMedia comply with the US antitrust laws.

Technology august 9, 2010

Disclosure In Brand Conversations is a new service for bloggers and advertisers to ensure transparency when publishing brand-related content.

Retail may 17, 2010

Advertising Awareness: Video Game Encourages Critical Thinking For Kids

An innovative campaign has been launched to educate kids on the realities of advertising.

Work april 8, 2010

OpenSky Offers Bloggers A New Source Of Income

OpenSky offers publishers a new direct market sales opportunity.

Innovation october 12, 2009

(Pics) A Noospheric Atlas of the United States

Brett Ian Balogh creates beautiful abstractions that document the mass media's airwave occupation.


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