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Innovation march 30, 2016

Charge Up Your Campfire Before Striking Out into the Wild

BioLite's CookStove uses a specially-designed fan and USB for 30 hours of flames

Work january 27, 2016

Vibrating Gas Pedals Help Drivers React Intuitively

The haptic feedback driving system that saves fuel consumption

Travel september 14, 2015

Gas Light On? Have Your Fuel Delivered

Purple Delivery lets you order your gas with the push of a button

Luxury may 16, 2014

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

An Applebee's chat app, Instagrams as payment and the wise words of a 17-year-old entrepreneur.

Sustainability february 11, 2014

Micro-Algae Factories Could Be A Food And Energy Source For The Home

What looks like a household bauble accessory actually satisfies some of homeowners daily needs.

Innovation october 1, 2012

Sea Water Will Soon Fuel US Navy Jets

New data from the Naval Research Laboratory finds that sea water could be a viable source of fuel for military planes.

Design & Architecture august 10, 2012

Start A Fire Quickly & Easily With Recycled Plastic

Flamesticks are clean and eco-friendly firestarters that can also be used as cooking fuel.

Arts & Culture july 13, 2012

Ford Upcycles Industrial And Biodegradable Waste Into Car Parts

The American automaker takes a big step toward global sustainable development by crafting car parts from pre-used materials.

Syndicated june 12, 2012

Triple Pundit: Stop Using Gas And Power Cars With Tiny Aluminum Grains

Alchemy Research, an Israeli company, has developed a clean fuel that stores energy in small metal bits and releases it through a chemical reaction.

Work april 7, 2012

Nike Opens Its Fuel Band API To Developers To Create A More Useful Product

What does the opening of Nike's interactive fitness platform mean for its customers?

Arts & Culture march 9, 2012

Biofuel Made From Malt Whiskey Developed In Scotland

Waste from distilling alcohol can now be converted into renewable energy.

Mobile february 24, 2012

Piers Fawkes: Nike Thinks I'm The Athlete I'm Not

The tracking accuracy on new Nike Fuel band is suspect and the brand's view of health is naive.

Innovation february 16, 2012

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Reaches Highest Levels Ever In January [Headlines]

Gas mileage is increasing as cars with higher mpg are sold at higher rates.

Home november 17, 2011

Obama Administration Reveals Plans To Improve Fuel Efficieny [Headlines]

The White House has proposed to improve cars' gasoline mileage to 54.5 mpg by 2025, a plan that is under Congressional scrutiny.


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