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Technology november 21, 2014

Shining a Light on an Object May Replace the Ugly QR Code

Fujitsu creates a light labeling system to transmit info on an item to a smart device

Innovation may 15, 2014

This Futuristic Lettuce Farm Used To Be A Microchip Factory

Fujitsu, the Japanese tech giant, wants to feed the world with fresh vegetables grown in an old semiconductor fabrication plant.

Work july 23, 2013

Laptop Cleans The Air Around It While In Use [Future Of Home Living]

The Fujitsu Lifebook concept model AH78 is the first computer that actively purifies the air while you use it.

Technology july 5, 2013

NFC-Tagged Library Helps Readers Find The Right Books

A Japanese library has collaborated with Fujitsu to make it easier for people to get information about books.

Technology april 25, 2013

Simple Surfaces Transformed Into Touchscreens [Video]

Fujitsu develops a device that utilizes gestures to interact digitally with printed materials.

Sustainability april 7, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A smartphone camera that takes your pulse and an iPhone app to diagnose STDs: the most innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Technology march 5, 2013

Virtual Keyboard For Mobile Devices Has Users Type On Air

At the MWC, the company showed off a prototype that tracks finger movements to enable users to type on any surface.

Design & Architecture march 1, 2013

GPS Walking Cane Tracks Steps And Heart Rate

The prototype can be used for navigation or monitoring, and features a number of built-in sensors.

Mobile january 16, 2013

Japanese 'Infidelity Phones' Help Cheaters Stay Discreet

Fujitsu’s old F-Series flip-phone has built-in stealth features that allow users to mask when certain contacts have called or texted.

Luxury october 26, 2012

Electronics Brand Launches Computer Designed Especially For Women

‘Floral Kiss’ features a caps lock key decorated with diamond-cut stone, and a flip latch that is easily opened, even if the user has long nails.

Advertising october 19, 2012

Fujitsu Develops Invisible QR Codes Made Of Light

Instead of seeing a banner or icon on the screen, viewers' phones would pick up extra beams of light to receive coupons and other offers from advertisers.

Home october 9, 2012

New Tech Sends E-Coupons To Users For Products They See On TV In Real-Time

Fujitsu revealed a new patent pending system at CEATEC that transmits URLs, coupons, and other digital info to viewers' smartphones.

Technology july 30, 2012

Fujitsu Lets Consumers Design And Assemble Their Own Computers

The company's new Hands-On Custom PC Assembly Service will enable Japanese customers to learn how to build a customized computer.

Mobile june 29, 2012

Transparent Two-Sided Touchscreen Could Be The Future Of Smartphones

A Japanese collaboration presents an OLED screen that allows users to use both sides of the surface at the same time.


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