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Mobile august 29, 2013

Customizable LEGO iPhone Case Lets Owners Build Infinite Variations [Pics]

Let your imagination run wild and craft a new phone cover every week with this official accessory.

Work august 21, 2013

Fitness App Transports Gym TIme Into The Great Outdoors

BitGym offers virtual locations and social interaction make cardio machines more appealing

Home june 6, 2013

Exhibition Center Resembles Giant Lego Bricks [Video]

Educational architecture will be the main feature of this tourist attraction in Denmark.

IoT may 3, 2013

Social Network For Families Shares The Fun, Doles Out The Chores

A new app helps keep the family unit organized and under control.

Arts & Culture april 8, 2013

Plan A Wedding On An iPhone

Now brides and grooms can keep saving their wedding ideas when on the go.

Work april 1, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

An app that lets you schedule pics to be sent in the future to another that rates how likely you are to be fired, based on job-related tweets.

Innovation february 10, 2013

Ian Cohen: Did Taco Bell Succeed In Reinventing Grandma? [Super Bowl 2013]

The fast food company shows its viewers another side of the older generation.

Innovation december 30, 2012

One Day...Education Will Be Fun And Engaging

Gerald Richards of 826 National dreams of a day when our education system will encourage creativity and curiosity in children.

Arts & Culture december 20, 2012

Smartphone Visualizations Of Neighborhood Social Data

The Sitegeist app displays statistics, like political affiliation and average age, in easy-to-read infographics.

Advertising august 31, 2012

Ad Agency Invites Users To Restore Their Own Ecce Homo

A satire campaign lets fans recreate their own Fresco.

Home june 21, 2012

Interactive Seesaw Mimics How A Ball Bounces On The Moon [Video]

Users can have fun on a lighting installation while also learning about physics.

Cities june 9, 2012

How Playful Workplaces Will Change The Future Of Work

PSFK's Consulting team looks at how businesses are designing their work environments around the philosophy that play and fun can help inspire their employees to design more innovative ideas, products and services.

Technology may 24, 2012

Augmented Reality Band-Aids Bring The Muppets To Life [Video]

Interactive bandages featuring fun characters help kids forget about their injuries.

Arts & Culture march 1, 2012

Microphone Lets You Create Music On Any Surface [Video]

Contact mic turns a tree, mirror or table into a musical instrument.


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