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IoT june 4, 2012

Infographic Packaging Shares Nutritional Breakdown With Images

inFusion's tea packaging is colorful and expressive while also communicating to their customers the contents of their product.

Work may 30, 2012

Modified Park Benches Foster Community And Socializing [Pics]

Jeppe Hein's bench designs transform places of rest and solitude into active spaces, fostering exchange between users and passers-by.

Home may 29, 2012

Functional Furniture Set Doubles As A Greenhouse

'Furnibloom' plexiglass table and stools double as transparent portable greenhouses to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Technology may 9, 2012

3D Printed Glove Is A Wearable Mobile Phone

Bryan Cera's 'Glove One' is a functional design prototype that lets users talk into their hand.

Gaming & Play april 23, 2012

Coffee Table Doubles As Mega-Sized Nintendo Game Controller

Custom design studio creates fully functional piece of furniture for playing classic NES games.

Design & Architecture march 29, 2010

(Pic) Stackable Cups For Sanitary Storage

With a simple design element, these stackable cups in development from designers Seung Jun Jeong & Seo Young Moon allow drying cups to be placed on top of one another for efficient storage.

Design & Architecture february 11, 2010

Functional Design In Simple Wooden Staircases

Using molded wood and a special type of lamination, design firm Melby Snekkerverksted crafts simple wooden staircases for modern homes.


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