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Technology march 7, 2013

Designers Challenged To Reinvent NYC Payphones [Pics]

Designers created prototypes that imagined the future of the city's 11,000 public pay telephones.

Syndicated november 12, 2012

Intel IQ: How Convertible Gadgets Are Changing Electronics

Devices that are able to combine multiple functions will help reduce clutter and ultimately be the way forward.

Technology february 16, 2012

A Stronger, Faster Siri Competitor Has More Control Over Your Phone [Video]

The Utter! voice recognition app, currently in beta, can tell you your phone's battery level and reboot into the bootloader.

Work august 15, 2011

Do We Learn Less When We Speed Read On Mobile Devices? [Headlines]

Modern technology allows us to read anywhere and allows us to read fast. But does speed reading affect the way our brains process the information?

Innovation july 27, 2011

Frog: Why It’s Hard To Live With An Italian Supermodel

Handsome bikes, called café racers, are attractive to first-time buyers, but overtime, it's the importance of functionality that matters.

Design & Architecture march 4, 2011

The Television Becomes Furniture Again [Pics]

Designer Mike Chen has taken a contrarian approach with his retro-inspired minimalist television.

IoT january 26, 2010

BookBook: A Novel Way To Cover A MacBook

BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, handmade laptop case designed exclusively for MacBook and MacBook Pro.


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