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Sustainability august 16, 2016

Facebook Messenger Introduces Charity Donations

A newly embedded feature creates an easier way for people to send money to aid the 'charity: water' organization

Travel august 4, 2016

Service Empowers Travelers To Do Good

Kind Traveler is the hotel industry's first 'give+get' booking platform

Advertising march 12, 2014

Crossed Cutlery Adds Charitable Donation To Diners’ Bills

The Polish Red Cross has introduced a new fundraising approach in participating restaurants.

Technology december 23, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

New York is banning e-cigarettes, someone got a Picasso for $138, and more.

Home november 25, 2013

Homeless Campaign Lets Participants Rename Ordinary Household Products

The Names For Change campaign is selling the naming rights to everything in a shelter in order to raise money to help the homeless.

Advertising october 1, 2013

Village Rents Itself Out On Airbnb To Survive The Flood Season [Pics]

The Banana Republic in Jakarta, Indonesia is taking bookings to raise money and awareness.

Technology july 31, 2013

Gun Control Campaign Shoots Tweets At Senators

Originally designed to bribe the Senate with crowdfunding to change their vote, the campaign took to Twitter to maintain its legality.

Technology march 8, 2013

UNICEF Transforms Facebook Profiles To Raise Money For Clean Water

The organization's latest fundraising and awareness campaign transforms social connections into water pipes and taps.

Work february 24, 2013

Agency Depicts What It Will Be Like When Cancer Is Cured

A new marketing strategy aims to raise funds for charity, minus the obligatory guilt trip gimmick.

Luxury november 6, 2012

The Fight For Your Vote Measured In Ad Dollars

An interactive site from CNN and Google shows how much money is raised and spent in each state by the candidates.

Arts & Culture september 23, 2012

Shawn Parr: 3 Pillars For Powerful Nonprofit Fundraising

StayClassy drives online fundraising for thousands of nonprofits by using the most current technology and rewarding people for their good behavior.

Design & Architecture august 24, 2012

Global Lecture Series Turns To Kickstarter To Create Archive [Headlines]

Founder and designer Tina Roth Eisenberg orchestrates monthly breakfast conversations in 34 cities across the world - at no cost. Now she's asking for support to digitize talks and bring them to creatives everywhere.

Gaming & Play august 22, 2012

Celebrity Comedians Raise Money For Malaria Research With Exclusive Videos

Malarious, a collection of custom-created videos on Malaria can only be watched after donating to charity.

Syndicated june 19, 2012

Charities Are Ditching Clipboards For iPads While Fundraising

Using tablet computers while canvassing is more efficient and gives nonprofits the opportunity to engage potential donors with enhanced content like videos which highlight the successes of their organization.


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