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Technology may 17, 2016

This Microclimate Chair Could Give Athletes A Performance Advantage

Nike ergonomic chair uses thermoelectric pads to help athletes adjust to various scenarios

Sustainability january 25, 2016

IKEA to Navigate Peak Home Furnishings While Maintaining Sales

How companies can respond appropriately to the peak state of home design

Arts & Culture december 21, 2015

From a Single Piece of Plywood to a Model of Economical Proficiency

Through plywood bending, this collection suffers from no material loss during the construction process

Work december 14, 2015

Design Miami/ 2015 Explores the Fun and Funky Side of Objects

Designers introduced colorful characters and explored left-field materials

Mobile december 11, 2015

From Device to Doorstep, Take Custom Furniture Design Into Your Own Hands

Adapt furniture design to your specific needs and tastes and update it along the way like you would with software

Work november 10, 2015

Laptops Are Changing the Face of Office Furniture Design

A recent collaboration between The Good Mod and Airbnb points at a growing trend in office design for the laptop-wielding workforce

Luxury april 10, 2015

Modular Foam Seats Let You Design with Sand Dune Aesthetic

The Dune set is playful yet modular and modern seating

Sustainability march 10, 2015

Cork IKEA Brings Bohemian Trend to Masses

A design collaboration helps IKEA improve its environmental and design credentials

Advertising july 7, 2014

Anthropomorphic Furniture Brings Unique Personalities To Your Home

DAM has designed a collection adorned with human-like expressions.

Advertising july 1, 2014

IKEA Creates A Website Inside The Instagram App

An unconventional use of the photo sharing app makes for a novel promotional campaign.

Partner Content june 26, 2014

The Future Of Furniture Is Supercharged For Tech

Designers are experimenting with the capability for their designs to power our devices.

Luxury april 11, 2014

Stroll Through This Design Showroom From Your Chair [Pics]

Product design company launches a digital warehouse to bring the showroom experience home.

Design & Architecture january 6, 2014

Furniture Collection Brings Emojis To The Living Room [Pics]

Designer Roberto Giacomucci uses handles and markings to inject some personality into his home accessories.

Work december 11, 2013

Artist Grows Stools Out Of Fungus [Pics]

Philip Ross has grown a limited edition set of chairs and stools from fungal tissue.


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