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Technology january 7, 2016

The Recreation of Super 8 for Modern Consumer Sensibilities

Two companies intend to turn consumers back to their filmmaking roots

Work september 2, 2015

Yves Béhar Reimagines the Modern Thermostat

fuseproject and British Gas are bringing a connected home to millions in the UK via an everywhere-friendly design

Work august 6, 2015

Reimagining a Set-Top Box Worth Displaying

Fuseproject has worked with Canal+ to design Le Cube S, a small and sleek box that fits in your palm but that provides full-colored images and logos

Retail august 4, 2014

E-Cigarette Tracks Nicotine Intake with Indicator Light

Seeking to remove the need for an accompanying app, the Kosmo e-cig gives direct feedback to help smokers quit

Arts & Culture june 30, 2014

Yves Behar’s Vision For Collaborative Work Distilled In New Herman Miller Collection

The furniture company has revealed new office furniture designed by fuseproject and Industrial Facility.

Sustainability june 6, 2014

Fuseproject’s Plantable Sensor Keeps Your Garden Green And Alive [Video]

The Edyn smart garden system has a sensor that gives real-time info and tips to keep plants healthy.

Design & Architecture january 30, 2014

Fuseproject Designs Public Outdoor Furniture That Can Be Customized By Neighborhood [Pics]

The design studio developed a collection of outdoor furniture that can be customized with local wood and finishes.

Technology january 23, 2014

Yves Behar-Designed Tablet Brings Interactive Education To Children Around The World

The second generation XO tablet is 10-inch device designed for older school children.

Mobile december 4, 2013

Bio-Sensing Necklace Will Let Wearer Test Their Own Blood And Fluids [Pics]

Kernel is a personal health care initiative created by fuseproject in partnership with Wired and the Gates Foundation.

Home september 19, 2013

Yves Behar’s Soda Maker Can Be Customized To Fit Any Kitchen Color Scheme [Pics]

The SodaStream Play can be designed to fit the customer's preferences.

Gaming & Play july 17, 2013

Yves Behar Designs Educational Tablet With Topics Instead Of Apps [Pics]

The XO Tablet has a kid-friendly interface where the main screen is organized around what children would like to be when they grow up.

Arts & Culture june 10, 2013

Fuseproject Designs Collaboration Range For Herman Miller

New office furniture encourages conversations and creativity.

The 25 Most Creative People In Tech
Sustainability march 25, 2013

Hotels Sell Local Water In Yves Behar Designed Bottle

Whole World Water project encourages hotels to filter water on site.


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