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Luxury january 6, 2016

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars in a Z-2 Spacesuit

VR headsets let you touch down on the Red Planet

Op-Ed december 16, 2015

Q&A: Fusion's Latoya Peterson on the Girl Gamers Web Series

Award-winning marketer and strategist Rob Fields interviews Latoya Peterson as she uncovers the nuances behind female theorists, creators, and players

Work september 25, 2013

Notebook Has Carved Out Space For Constant Phone Access [Pics]

Keep working on your latest project even in the middle of a meeting.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2013

Perfectly Lined-Up Photos Fuse Landscape And Fashion Shots [Pics]

Two unlikely mediums combined to create a seamless transition from one to the other.

Technology august 19, 2013

Emojis Inject Humor Into Traditional Artistic Masterpieces [Pics]

Classic paintings get infused with a modern form of communication.

Design & Architecture august 12, 2013

Rings With Mini Glasses Emphasize Alcohol's Smell [Pics]

A new method for sampling different types of alcohol in an elegant and stylish way.

Work july 25, 2013

Surrealist Paintings Reimagined As Super Mario Game Scenes [Pics]

Famous artworks get mashed up with iconic game scenarios.

Advertising august 11, 2011

Yap.TV Rolls Out Yap.TV 3.0 For iOS

The up-and-coming social television company introduces its latest version of an app that promises heightened interactivity and personalization.


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