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Technology may 10, 2016

Ring Transforms Your Own Body Into A Touch Screen

A new interface technology moves the smartwatch screen to your skin

Work february 4, 2016

PSFK’s Report Imagines the Future of Innovation in 2017

PSFK Labs determines 15 key trends that will shape tomorrow’s creative businesses

Syndicated february 12, 2015

Flying Cars and Hoverboards Populate Past Visions of Future Cities

From concepts of airborne cities to proposals for a dome over Manhattan, these grand plans and unbuildable designs set high expectations

Luxury november 3, 2014

Tesla’s Future View: Where Bike Racks Blend into Streamlined Shape of Car

An automotive collaboration that is as efficient as it is elegant

Work october 8, 2014

Presenting a Fictional Catalog for a Likely Future

A disparate team of 19 professionals had one goal: To create TBD, a potential guide for a probable tomorrow

Mobile september 24, 2014

Create Your Avatar to Pass On to Future Generations

Yourbot preserves the past by digitally immortalizing your psychological profile

Sustainability september 10, 2014

Sustainable Futures: Inspired Designs for Life

Understanding desire as a powerful ingredient in the design process for environmentally conscious brands can help brands' sticking power

Advertising january 30, 2014

Robotic Suit Turns The Wearer Into A Superhero [Video]

Panasonic give us a glimpse into the future of robotics.

Mobile january 10, 2014
Retail december 28, 2013

PSFK 2013 Roundup: Staff Picks

Here are some of our personal team favorite ideas from 2013.

Advertising november 6, 2013

Crowdsourced Posters Reveal Londoners’ Varying Interpretations Of Hot Topics [Pics]

Researchers posed questions during London Design Week including: If FUTURE were an image, what would it be?

Sustainability october 4, 2013

Shuffled Buzzword Blocks Imagine The Trends Of The Future [Video]

Current media keywords used to create a bizarre new way of predicting the future.

Innovation july 25, 2013

Air Pressure Device Turns Gaming Action Into Real World Feelings [Video]

Disney researchers have 3D-printed a futuristic experience where currents of oxygen help users feel on their skin what they see in front of them.

Retail july 2, 2013

Tesco To Explore In-Store 3D Printing

Supermarket giant aims to be the first to introduce the futuristic technology.


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